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Sad News

2010-04-21 20:05:17 by Fionn1225

Alright so right now im in college for Emergancy Medical Technician (EMT) Intermediate and Firefighter Level 1 and right now i have to study for an Exam so my good piece of artwork is still unfinished but during break today in class i drew a new picture i know its no where near as good as any of my other art work but i think its pretty good for 1 hours (lunch break) worth of work..... so the good art will be up as soon as my exam is over and i have time to finish it. I will also check to see if I have any other artwork that is unposted....... so MAM im sorry that the release date has been pushed back by about a week but if im lucky ill get a break from studying to finish it friday.


wow even further sad news i tried posting the images about 2 mins ago and i got a message that says "unscouted limit exceeded" wtf i thought i could post my art here argh that pisses me off looks like ill be working on my deviant art page soon........ so either i need more of my art to be scouted or i need to find a new site........ perhaps i can post the image here hang on...... cool looks like it alright so i guess this is where ill be posting my art til i get my deviant art page up

Sad News


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2010-04-21 20:23:03

Nice drawing, post it on the art portal.


2010-04-25 13:17:10

Hang in there tough guy! Hope you still have time to check out my new drawing. Oh, and don't worry! I have a deviant art page, too! "mam259."


2010-06-21 21:35:50

Hi,your art is awesome.Keep it up :^)