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Dragon Knight Drawing Contest

2010-07-11 23:27:40 by Fionn1225

alright so this is the picture the contest is to finish the picture and if you do the best job the artwork will be posted on every website i am a member of so close to 10 i think. So that will give you the oppurnituity so get your artwork known and my name will only be dropped on my profile so the drawing will become yours the runner ups will be posted on about 50% of the sites. Contest ends on July 26th so get out your pencils and start drawing ^_^ go newgrounders go

Dragon Knight Drawing Contest

Breaking News
I am now officially Firefighter level 1

on to the "contest" i will be posting more details in my next post but i will be holding a contest to finish a picture i started the person that does the best job will have the picture posted on ever website i am a part of along with credit to them and links to their sites so the picture will also be in the next post tonight....... or tomarrow....... hell it will be sometime soon lol

Sad News

2010-04-21 20:05:17 by Fionn1225

Alright so right now im in college for Emergancy Medical Technician (EMT) Intermediate and Firefighter Level 1 and right now i have to study for an Exam so my good piece of artwork is still unfinished but during break today in class i drew a new picture i know its no where near as good as any of my other art work but i think its pretty good for 1 hours (lunch break) worth of work..... so the good art will be up as soon as my exam is over and i have time to finish it. I will also check to see if I have any other artwork that is unposted....... so MAM im sorry that the release date has been pushed back by about a week but if im lucky ill get a break from studying to finish it friday.


wow even further sad news i tried posting the images about 2 mins ago and i got a message that says "unscouted limit exceeded" wtf i thought i could post my art here argh that pisses me off looks like ill be working on my deviant art page soon........ so either i need more of my art to be scouted or i need to find a new site........ perhaps i can post the image here hang on...... cool looks like it alright so i guess this is where ill be posting my art til i get my deviant art page up

Sad News

Good News

2010-04-10 09:21:16 by Fionn1225

Alright so i know its been a while but im working on a new picture its gonna be cool........ no you don't get a hint lol. Oh and im creating a Deviant Art page right now so woo hoo to that lol. anyway still check out MAM259's page he has some really good art ^_^ they is funny. well thats all for now more later.

Alright so whats new

2010-03-28 14:35:59 by Fionn1225

alright so shout out to my #1 fan MAM259 he has some good art so check out his page.

got some new work i uploaded and im working on some more

yeah so im also looking for a flash animator who is willing to help me get a flash series started im trying to turn a book that read its called Dragons Ring by Dave Freer if you want a good book to read read that book its my favorite..... anywho talk to yall later

New artwork woot woot

2010-03-02 18:05:17 by Fionn1225

alright so i uploaded some new artwork so please check it out and be kind in the comments

IM Back

2010-02-22 15:12:35 by Fionn1225

Alright so its been a while since ive been apart of newgrounds but im back and ive decided to post some of my artwork so review it and please be kind alright im out yall